11 | by sophia lee, los angeles times the painted turtle camp in lake hughes affords two preteens with hemophilia the chance to have fun. Kirin and bailey heftye are both handsome, healthy-looking preteen boys. Under a shaded area at an el monte starbucks, they frequently interrupt each other to discuss their favorite activities at summer camp. But they are not your typical 12-year-old kids, nor is the camp they attend each year your average summer camp. Kirin and bailey are twins, and the camp they look forward to attending in early august is the painted turtle at lake hughes. It's a camp for children affected by serious health conditions including hemophilia, a lifelong, inherited bleeding disorder caused by low or nonexistent levels of blood-clotting protein. California | local baruch blumberg dies at 85; nobel prize winner who discovered hepatitis b virus april 8, 2011 | by thomas h. Maugh ii, los angeles times dr. Baruch blumberg, who received the 1976 nobel prize in physiology or medicine for discovering the hepatitis b virus, which causes severe liver disease and cancer, and who later developed the vaccine that protects against it, has died. He was 85. http://floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-viagra-generic-pills-kl/ cheap viagra online cheap viagra online buy viagra viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra cheap viagra for sale uk buy generic viagra buy generic viagra buy generic viagra Blumberg died tuesday after apparently suffering a heart attack after delivering the keynote address at a nasa conference at the agency's ames research center at moffett field in mountain view, near san jose. The isolation of the hepatitis b virus and development of a test for it were the first steps in the elimination of the virus from the u. S. Blood supply, and the development of the vaccine led to a sharp decline in the incidence of both infections and liver cancer worldwide. News house oks hiv bill for hemophiliacs may 20, 1998 | from times wire reports the house voted to grant $100,000 each to hemophilia sufferers who contracted the hiv virus in the 1980s because of tainted blood supplies. The measure provides $750 million for the roughly 7,200 hemophiliacs who came down with the aids-causing virus after receiving contaminated blood-clotting products. The grants go to the families of those who are deceased. About half of all american hemophiliacs were infected with hiv before protections were put in place. California | local aids in los angeles county december 1, 1994 patient characteristics for l. A. Cou. cost of viagra without insurance