Houston cardiac surgery associates home our practice areas of specialization our doctors minimally invasive procedures robotic surgeries off-pump bypass surgery mini-thoracotomy mini aortic valve replacement heller myotomy thymectomy mitral valve repair via mini-thoracotomy pacemaker lead replacement lung lobectomy myasthenia gravis contact us press appointment houston cardiac surgery associates in the news. The advance techniques used by houston cardiac surgery associates are newsworthy. Houston cardiac surgery associates, located in houston, texas, is a practice of cardio-thoracic surgeons that specialize in minimally invasive procedures for a variety of illnesses and conditions involving the heart, lungs, other organs of the chest and the vascular system throughout the body. Doctors donald gibson and miguel gomez have been leading the houston area and the nation in many firsts in the use of minimally invasive techniques. We specialize in the following: coronary disease myasthenia gravis achalasia robotic surgery robotic bypass surgery lobectomy minimally invasive aortic valve / mitral valve surgery robotic thymectomy robotic esophageal myotomy robotic heller myotomy robotic lung surgery contact us for an appointment. Houston cardiac surgery associates - 902 frostwood, suite large integer, houston, tx 77024 - 713-973-7222 content copyright â© 2008-2012 houston cardiac surgery associates - all rights reserved  i  sitemap design by: netexel. Egg-free egg, or the quest to never have to make your bed ever again. Read more join now popsci interactive popular on popsci most commented cardiac surgery most emailed cardiac surgery most viewed cardiac surgery name address 1   city state state alabama alaska arizona arkansas california colorado connecticut delaware dc florida georgia hawaii idaho illinois indiana iowa kansas kentucky louisiana maine maryland massachusetts michigan minnesota mississippi missouri montana nebraska nevada new hampshire new jersey new mexico new york n. Carolina n. Dakota ohio oklahoma oregon pennsylvania rhode island s. Carolina s. Dakota tennessee texas utah vermont virginia washington w. Virginia wisconsin wyoming zip code email today on popsci. Com new dinosaur identified 65680 280 1 after the lhc: the next really big experiments in particle physics 65418 280 2 the u. S. viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra online viagra online buy viagra viagra for sale buy viagra online viagra for sale cheap generic viagra generic viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription Conducted atomic weapons tests on beer 65256 280 3 vintage popsci: 7 phone ideas that are more innovative than the iphone 5 65101 280 4 apple iphone 5 liveblog: mind-controlled cat ears edition 65069 280 5 how engineers can help prevent water wars 64196 280 6 fyi: how quantum teleportation can bring us secure communications 62577 280 7 popsci q&a: how do you drive a car on mars? 64597 280 8 the curious science of bodily functions 64875 280 9 archive gallery: popsci goes a-ratting (and more pest control) 64805 280 10 the most amazing images of the week, august 27-31, 2012 64827 280 11 you built what?! : a fire. nhs prescription charges for viagra